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3D Laser scanning of the Ezelpoort in Bruges 3D model of the customs office in Sydney 3D Laser scanning off the PALL tunnel 3D Laser scanning of a villa 3D laserscanning of an historical building


3D laser scanning is used in diverse fields ranging from archeology and civil engineering to police and (gaming) industry. The applications of 3D laser scanning are almost unlimited. Laser scanning is very suitable for three-dimensional tunnel, bridge and facade measurements, archaeological documentation, modeling of piping, volume measurements and more. The most common uses for laser scanning at medium range are listed below.

tunnel 3D model T158


The petrochemical industry has been using 3D laser scanning for years, but more and more also other industrial sectors see the usefulness of this technique for the management of industrial plants.

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3D model stock T158

Volume Calculation

For the determination of the volumetric of stocks 3D laser scanning is used as a reliable and safer alternative to conventional surveying when accuracy is needed.

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Tekening IJ-tunnel


Complex structures in the field of civil engineering such as bridges and tunnels are measured with a lot of detail with 3D laser scanning.

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stadhuis Antwerpen plan-scan-foto T158


By scanning the facades and interiors of a monumental building a 3D point cloud of the entire building is created. This data serves as the basis for creating floor plans, facade plans, etc.

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3D tekening gevel Beurs Berlage


Registration of geometric information of monuments, statues, archaeological remains, etc. makes a major contribution to the preservation of heritage.

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vingerafdruk T158


In case of an accident or a crime the police uses 3D laser scanning to measure the scene completely and to display it virtually. 3D laser scanning is a fast way to measure, causing a quicker release of the scene of the accident or crime.

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3D model Gent


Simulation software - also known as Serious Gaming - makes use of 3D point clouds and models for the creation of a virtual 3D training environment.

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Hoogspanningsmast T158


A complete power mast can be measured from a few sites around the mast with the 3D laser scanner. In the scan cables, insulators etc. are visible too.

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Vliegende Hollander 3D mdoel T158


Based on 3D models created from 3D laser data video projections on existing buildings can be made. The height information from the terrain is used for refurbishment of recreational areas.

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