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3D Laser scanning of the Ezelpoort in Bruges 3D model of the customs office in Sydney 3D Laser scanning off the PALL tunnel 3D Laser scanning of a villa 3D laserscanning of an historical building

Who executes 3D laser scanning?

For a reliable and accurate result it is really important the 3D laser scanning is carried out by professional people with a thorough land surveying knowledge. To produce a model based on a point cloud it is even important to have a thorough knowledge of the standards used in the concerned sector. For example architecture, industry, etc.

Teccon offers an efficient and accurate data acquisition due to years of experience in surveying and 3D laser scanning. Teccon makes use of several scanners so that for each project the most suitable scanner can be used. For the preparation of detailed plans and 3D models Teccon disposes of CAD-designers with different specializations.

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