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3D Laser scanning of the Ezelpoort in Bruges 3D model of the customs office in Sydney 3D Laser scanning off the PALL tunnel 3D Laser scanning of a villa 3D laserscanning of an historical building


Our 3D laser scanning team has extensive experience with scanning tasks and mapping assignments in engineering, industry, architecture, heritage and surveying. By making use of different laser scanners the data acquisition is efficiently executed.

Our 3D laser scanning team carries out projects in Belgium and abroad. If transport costs for material and scan team are becoming too high, we give the scanning job to a local trusted colleague who runs the 3D laser scanning strictly according to our specifications. The processing of the scan data is executed at our office. This way you can rely worldwide on our expertise in the various stages of a 3D laser scanning project:

  • Accurate data acquisition using different laser scanners;
  • Processing into colored 3D point clouds;
  • Modeling and production of 2D- and 3D-plans;
  • Creating animations and representations.


Thanks to the surveying background of Teccon, we guarantee accurate data acquisition and delivery of reliable plans. Our experience with different techniques such as conventional surveying techniques, 3D laser scanning and mobile mapping ensure that we can advise you on how to use the most appropriate technique or combination of techniques for each application.

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