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3D Laser scanning of the Ezelpoort in Bruges 3D model of the customs office in Sydney 3D Laser scanning off the PALL tunnel 3D Laser scanning of a villa 3D laserscanning of an historical building


In case of an accident or a crime the police uses 3D laser scanning to measure the scene completely and to display it virtually. 3D laser scanning is a quick way of measuring, causing a quicker release of the scene of the accident or crime.

Measuring and reconstructing an accident takes a lot of time, sometimes causing long queues. With a 3D laser scanner everything can be measured quickly so that traffic is obstructed for a shorter period of time.

Laser scanning is not selective, the position of objects that do not appear to be important in the first place are measured. This method is very suitable for forensics because the environment is being measured through 360° without moving or touching anything. The scan data can be used later for scene study, simulations and training.