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3D Laser scanning of the Ezelpoort in Bruges 3D model of the customs office in Sydney 3D Laser scanning off the PALL tunnel 3D Laser scanning of a villa 3D laserscanning of an historical building

How does 3D laser scanning work?

3D Laser scanning is a method of measurement in which an object or surface is scanned by laser technology. The laser scanner is a device that sends light pulses at high speed under a changing vertical and horizontal angle until the entire visible surface is covered over 360 °. For each pulse, the distance between the scanner and the object is measured by determining the elapsed time between sent and received pulse. Each point of the scan will be converted to a pixel with a known x-, y-, z-and reflectance value. The result is a point cloud of millions of points.

Laserscanner Scanstation 2 kerk T158Mobile Mapper T158

Static laser scanning  vs Dynamic laser scanning

We can distinguish two types of situations in laser scanning. One is static laser scanning from a fixed position which reaches the highest accuracy and point density. The other is dynamic laser scanning where the scanners are in motion during measurement. Dynamic laser scanners are used on mobile mapping vehicles and manned or unmanned aircraft. For more information on mobile mapping you can visit the website

Generally, static laser scanners are distinguished according to their usable scan range. Here a distinction is made between short, medium and long distance. Depending on the type of laser scanner a lot of applications are possible.


Scanner Type Scan range Applications
Short-range scanners 0,5 cm - 2 m Medical applications, body scanning, reverse engineering
Medium-range scanners 1 m - 300 m Industry, civil engineering, architecture, heritage and archeology
Long-range scanners Up to more than 1km mining industry, city models


For surveying applications, the medium-range scanners are the most suitable. Teccon bvba is your specialist for this kind of scanning.



Project examples

Static laser scanning of Lycée Delamarre Deboutteville in Forges-Les-Eaux (France)

Terrain work: use of static laser scanners at different positions around the building.

 Forges les eaux foto

Intermediate product: 3D point cloud

 Forges-les-eaux puntenwolk

Finished product: Facade Plans

Forges Les Eaux Plan T158